Last year for our first Casual for a Cause we selected the Daughters of Charity because of their faithful service to our community for more than 30 years. From 1960-1995, 37 Sisters served as principals, teachers, and mentors for our school and parish community. If you have ever wondered about these Sisters, there is a plaque commemorating them with each of their names hanging on the wall as you enter the school. It reads, "Be it known to all who enter here...That CHRIST is the reason for this school. The Unseen but ever present teacher in all its classes. The model of its faculty, and the inspiration of its students." This will be our first Casual for a Cause once again this year. It was the Daughters’ ideals of love and service that still guide our school to this day. We offer our gratitude for the years of service given to our community as we celebrate this first significant cause!