"Hi! My name is Bonnie, and I’d like to start by saying thank you! It is a surprise and an honor for our meals prepared at Primary Children’s Hospital to be chosen for October’s Casual for a Cause. Our youngest son Luke is currently three years old. After ten months of normal development, he was diagnosed with infantile spasms, a catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy, in March 2017. Since that time, he has been hospitalized several times, underwent multiple procedures (including MRI’s, EEG’s and a lumbar puncture), and had his immune system compromised to try to control seizure activity. He has been on all first-line medications for his type of epilepsy and currently sees doctors in neurology and ophthalmology. He is seen by therapists daily. Despite his struggles, Luke is a joyful, funny, and determined. He loves bubbles, books, and rides at Lagoon. As a family, we have learned so much from Luke, including resiliency and empathy.

The first year following Luke’s diagnosis was particularly difficult, but it was made easier by the support of family and friends who live close by us and Primary Children’s Hospital, where Luke is seen. Two years ago, my husband Nick and I decided we wanted to try to help families who were going through equally hard situations, but may not live as close to treatment options or have the support system we are fortunate enough to have. While we looked at available opportunities, we found the Adopt-a-Meal Program at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Primary Children’s Hospital. The Family Room serves lunch and dinner to family members of inpatient children at the hospital. We loved the idea of being able to make and serve a meal to those who needed comfort. I reached out to several families at St. Olaf’s Parish to see if they would be interested in helping. They responded then and have responded every three months since that time. They are truly the ones who have made this goal happen.

Over the past several years, we have hugged a mother whose young daughter had undergone a kidney transplant, spoken to a father who was worried about losing his teenage daughter after a horrific car accident, and spent time with a mother of a child being treated for cancer. All of these parents, and so many others, have told us how being able to take a few minutes and eat a ‘homemade’ meal means so much to them.

Thank you again for the opportunity to share our story about Luke and the meals we’ve done at Primary Children’s."

If you and your children are interested in accompanying Bonnie and helping provide a meal this month, please contact the office for Bonnie's contact info.