Faith, Joy, and Learning

we learned about the root of Jesse, the lineage of the coming Savior. We also learned about Saint Nicholas. One was born to wealth and learned to be generous, passionate in the Faith, and a tremendous gift giver. The other was born in a stable, had no wealth, but was perfectly generous, the source of our Faith and Light, and the ultimate gift giver!
Watching little Jackson play the “pew bench piano and drums”, complete with air symbol while the 4th grade class leads us in singing hymns, we are reminded of what a gift our students are. They fill our days with joy as they discover their talents, gifts, and faith. Observing Mr. McFall, Mrs. Moffat and so many teachers helping kids out of cars, while offering hugs, candy, cocoa, and coffee, we see what a gift our staff is to our community. Collecting and creating the creche with crosses full of words of love and faith written by students, combined with Father Andrzej’s joyous laughter ever present in our hallways, reminds us of the faith flourishing here. The artwork displayed throughout our building thanks in large part to Mrs. Dorich and Mrs. Pienezza, along with our dedicated teachers who stay late to learn new and creative ways to help our students grow fill us all with immense gratitude, appreciation and joy. In this time of watchful waiting, we see so much beauty and light. Our community is the manifestation of Faith, Joy, and Learning.
Father at Mass