Capital Campaign Committee Highlight

Wayne is a Courseware Developer/Traning Instructor and holds the Recorder role on the St. Olaf Capital Campaign Committee.
Wayne has been a parishioner since 1991. His son, Joseph and daughter, Alexandra were both baptized and confirmed at Saint Olaf Parish and graduated from the school in 2012 (Joseph) and 2007 (Alexandra).
In his own words:
"There are many reasons why I am committed to this school and construction project.
My children received and outstanding education at St Olaf. The devotion and commitment of the teachers to my kids prepared them emotionally, morally and academically to be contributing members of our society.
To that end: My daughter earned a Criminal Justice Degree from Weber State University. She is pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Science at Boise State toward her goal of being a forensic scientist. The foundations for these were borne at St. Olaf.
My son is pursuing a Air Frame and Power Plant Certification through Salt Lake Community College. But his path is not usual. As my wife and I are both retired Air Force, he felt a debt of honor to serve in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. Sadly, by 4th grade he became functionally deaf. Through the remainder of his elementary school years; no effort was spared by the teachers, therapists, special ed, to keep my son in the main stream educational system. Thanks to these efforts my son does function in societies main stream. He articulates his words, he hears most of the sound spectrum thanks to cochlear implants, and functions effectively in a hearing world.
St Olaf is the garden of our Catholic Faith; if we fail to sow seeds and nurture them, then surely, we will fail.
St Olaf is the only beacon of Catholic education between Ogden and Salt Lake. We must make the beacon bright so it attracts more people who are seeking a good academic and moral education. Our culture has thrown God out of our lives. We must change the culture of selfishness and hatred by bringing God back into our everyday lives. It has to start anew at the elementary level."
This project means so much to Wayne and his family and we are so grateful for his dedication to our community. Thank you, Wayne.