Capital Campaign Committee Highlight

Mike was baptized as a baby at St. Olaf. He is the youngest of eight children, all of who attended St. Olaf Catholic School. His two oldest sisters were in the inaugural kindergarten and first grade classes in 1960. He and his wife, Tammy, have received all of their sacraments at St. Olaf. His daughter attended St. Olaf Catholic School for a couple of years (due to intellectual disability, they moved her to public school). And his son was in the inaugural pre-kindergarten class and graduated from St. Olaf. In the past, Mike has been chairman of the St. Olaf Finance committee, Financial Secretary of the Knights of Columbus, and Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus.

In Mike's own words: "With my long-term family ties, the school has special meaning to me. It will always have a special place in my heart. It is great foundation for students to have an excellent Catholic education. The value that St. Olaf brings to both the parish and the South Davis Community, makes me want to be involved. The school is a gem that needs this expansion to enhance the experience of the students. My involvement is driven by both my historical ties to St. Olaf and, more importantly, the great spiritual and educational value it continues to offer our community."

We thank you for continually sharing your talents and giving back to us for so many years. Your dedication is appreciated across all of the Saint Olaf Community, Mike!