Taken from her website, “Kaela Rivera grew up believing in will-o’-the-wisps and el chupacabra, but even ghost stories couldn’t stop her from reading in the isolated treetops, caves, and creeks of Tennessee’s Appalachian forests.

She still believes in the folktales of her Mexican-American and British parents, but now she writes about them from the adventure-filled mountains of the Wild West. When she’s not crafting stories, she’s using her English degree from BYU-I as an editor for a marketing company (or secretly doodling her characters in the margins of her notebook). Her award-winning debut novel, Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls, came out April 13, 2021.” 

Her second book in this 3 book trilogy, Cece Rios and the King of Fears comes out September 27, 2022 with pre-orders available through Amazon.

She ends her bio blurb, stating “Her biggest hope is to highlight and explore the beauty of cultural differences—and how sharing those differences can bring us all closer.”

Thank you Kaela for sharing your gifts, talents, and a little bit of magic with our community. Your love of reading, writing, and sharing stories with young minds is obvious. Through your work and because of your willingness to meet with your readers, we learn about other cultures, are inspired to chase our own dreams, and share our own stories for future generations of readers.