Ga-Ga Ball

Have you heard about our newest playground equipment?  Thanks to a generous donation, St. Olaf's is now the proud owner of two brand new Ga-Ga Pits.  Many of the students have participated in Ga-Ga over the past couple weeks of school, and many of them are enthusiastic converts to the sport!
Ga-Ga Ball is a sport that originated in Israel.  The game is structured somewhat like dodgeball.  Every player starts out in the pit, and players are allowed to hit the Ga-Ga Ball with their hand.  If the ball strikes a player on the knee or lower, the player is out.  The games is played to the last player standing.
The St. Olaf Ga-Ga pits have been well used!  Games are played at every recess, and students often choose to play extra games during class special recesses.  Ga-Ga is fun, physically challenging, and a great way to spend time with friends!
Check out these photos of St. Olaf students enjoying the pits!