Capital Campaign Project

In 2011, the school launched a capital campaign for an addition on the school. Each week, one of our first graders would bring a plastic sandwich bag to school filled with the change they had collected from underneath the couch, behind the computer, inside chair cushions-even some of her birthday money-for Saint Olaf School's original capital campaign. The plan was to build an addition that would include a cafeteria, meeting room and additional classroom and lab space. She donated over $50 to make sure the campaign was a success. Now in seventh grade, that same student wants a school where "there will be room for more students. I want a cafeteria so we can have a place to eat. "It is my dream to be able to eat in a real dining hall before I graduate from Saint Olaf's." The campaign has been re-initiated, and a commitment to build the school addition is enthusiastically moving forward.

We hope you will support us in our efforts to continue to RISE!
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