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About Our Community

School History

 Saint Olaf Catholic School, under the direction of Father Robert Pollock, became a reality when construction began in the spring of 1959. The Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent DePaul were obtained to teach in the parochial school, still to be erected.

 Three Sisters arrived in Bountiful in the fall of 1960. The school opened with five grades and a kindergarten, staffed by two teaching Sisters and three lay teachers. During the following three years, grades six, seven and eight were added.
 At present, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Western Catholic Educational Association and the State of Utah accredit the school. In 1995, after a 3-year discernment process, the Daughters of Charity withdrew from Saint Olaf Catholic School, seeking to be more faithful to their call to serve the materially poor.
 Saint Olaf Parish supports our school, and in a real sense is responsible for the continuance of its excellent education program. Without the support of the people of Saint Olaf Parish and the dedication and the sacrifice of the teachers and staff, our programs would not exist.