Tuition Information

Tuition and Fees 2019-2020 School Year
New Student Application Fee (Non-Refundable) Amount
All New Students  
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) Amount
PreKindergarten through 8th Grade
School Fees Amount
Per Family Home and School Fee
8th Grade Graduation Fee
Textbooks, Consumables, Yearbook, Auction Project, Science and Technology Fees
Kindergarten through 8th Grade 
Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition Amount
Tier 1 Tuition
Tier 2 Tuition 
Tier 3 Tuition
Tier 4 Tuition
Needs Based 
Tier 4 International Student
Pre Kindergarten Tuition Amount
Tier 1 Tuition
EDP (Extended Day Program)
Available for students before school starting at 7:00 am and after school until 6:00 pm.
$3.50 per hour 
per child 
Summer Camp
Per Child Annual Registration Fee 
Pay as you go, daily rate.  Available for children entering Kindergarten and above from
7:00 am - 6:00 pm during the summer months.
$35 per day
per child 
Did you know?
Your 529 Savings Plan can now be used for K-12 Tuition.  Click here for more information.