About Mrs. Perdue


Tell us about yourself:
My name is Mrs. Perdue and I am delighted to be part of St. Olaf’s educational team this 2020-2001 school year. I am teaching the Pre-Kindergarten class and very excited to advance my student’s learning through fun, educational activities. I believe that every child has the strength and ability to learn, it just takes various techniques and strategies to meet their individual needs. In my eyes, they all have unique qualities and special talents that help them learn.
I have an intelligent husband who greatly supports me and my passion for teaching. I have three awesome adult boys who are and always will be my world. I have been blessed with two granddaughters, who are one and six years old, my beauties. Our family is very close and we love to show our affection (hugs and kisses), a difficult thing in today’s environment.
I started teaching in 1992 and have taught in Texas, Idaho, Philippines and Utah. I have been very please with all the grade levels I have taught. I like all ages/grades, but I have the most teaching  experience with the younger children. With higher expectations nationally, locally, and within society in general,
teaching standards have elevated. I want my students to be prepare for their next level of education, but even more importantly is their safety and a happy/full learning environment.
If you could have lunch with 1 person dead or alive, who would that be and why? I would like to have lunch with my Grandma who is now in Heaven. She was one of the most loving/inspirations in my life.

What is something on your Bucket List? I want to visit Greece with my husband and see all the historical sites and sit in the sun on their beautiful beaches.

What is your favorite thing about teaching or working with young people? I find personal fulfillment when a child learns something new, smiles and seems eager to learn.

What book have you read that changed you and why? I read Black Boy and found it to be uplifting and emotional.

How would a friend describe you in three words? Caring, Sincere, Patient

If you had to compare yourself to one fictional character, who would it be and why? I would be the mother raccoon in the story The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, for she comforts her child raccoon kissing its paw as it goes away to school.
What is the best BAD decision you ever made? I tried to learn to water ski the weekend before school started. I was very sore!
When are you most yourself? Spending special times with my family and relatives.
What could you spend all day talking about? The children I teach, not by name but sharing with my husband the amazing things that my students did during a school day.
What do you like to do when you’re not working? My family and I enjoy backpacking and camping.



  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/History

  • Master of Education (Educational Administration)


  • Texas, Idaho, Utah


  •  Standard Elementary K-8 Certification

  • Administrator Pre K - 12

  • Owner/Teacher of a Preschool in Idaho
  • Taught in an American School in the Philippines
  • Time/Fundraising spent for a Children's Home in the Philippines