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About Mrs. Romney

My name is Sarah Romney. I was born in Ohio, where I got my Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education. I received my degree from Walsh University in 2009. This will be my eighth year teaching Pre-K at Saint Olaf School. This is my dream job! Saint Olaf’s community has become an extension of my family. I also like snowboarding, softball, hiking, dancing, and rollerblading.
My Philosophy of Education includes the following:
  • I want the future society to be wise and to keep our country progressing in a positive way.
  • I want to be that teacher who makes a difference in a child’s life.
  • I want to provide all students with a fair and positive experience in school.
  • I want to help students learn.
  • I want to be a great teacher!
  • I believe that when students have a chance to think critically and have a teacher that is a guide instead of an ‘all powerful person’, they will be given the chance to feel like they are really learning.


Recent Posts

We made Advent Wreaths in Pre-K.

You can see more photos in our November and December Albums.

Saint Nicholas

Attention Pre-K Parents:

Saint Nicholas' Feast Day is on December 6th. Please send in an extra shoe or boot by Wednesday. We will leave our extra shoe out Wednesday night in hopes that Saint Nicholas will visit and bring us treats! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Mrs. Romney

P.S. we will collect items for the stocking stuffer all week 

Snow Clothing

Please send all snow clothing in with your student. 

They will need a coat, snow pants, boots (change of shoes), hat, and gloves or mittens. If they do not have all parts of snow clothing your student will only be allowed on the black top at recess time.

If you have any questions contact Mrs. Romney.  Thanks!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Feast starts at noon for Pre-K. If you are joining us please meet us in the gym before noon. I am so thankful for all of you!   ~Sincerely, Mrs. Romney
P.S. Stay tuned for some pictures from today 

Show and Tell

Tomorrow Friday November 16th we have Show and Tell.

The students who can bring something in are: Gabrijel, Gracie, Juliette, and Navy.

We are learning about the letter Ff this week. If your student can find something that starts with Ff that would be awesome!

Pre-K is learning about the food groups and healthy eating habits. We tried several fruits and vegetables yesterday! Check out the pictures in our November Album.

Hall of Heroes

We had a ‘Hall of Heroes’ last year recognizing all those who have served or are serving in the military. This year we will be honoring these men and women in a similar way. We would appreciate anyone in your immediate/extended family or friends that you would like to honor. Please send in any pictures, medals, uniforms, certificates, etc. to honor that individual. If you know their information let us know his/her name that served. Please make sure your name is with the things you send in, so we know who to send the things back to when it is over. You can start sending things in now, everything is due on Thursday November 8th! Thanks for helping us honor these men and women! Please contact me with any questions!


Hi Families,

I am excited to announce that Mr. Romney and myself are expecting a little one! I plan on reading a story and telling the Pre-K class tomorrow!


Mrs. Romney

Friday September 21st

We will be learning about Veterinarians on Friday(tomorrow). Your student is allowed to bring in one small stuffed animal on Friday September 21st in Pre-K.
Mrs. Romney

Weekly Song

We recorded the students this morning singing our weekly song. We are still learning the words and the sign language for it.