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About Me

I am a native and lifelong resident of the great state of Utah.  I spent two years in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil as a missionary for my church. If I focus intently I can still speak and understand Portuguese.   The University of Utah bestowed a BS degree in Elementary Education upon me in 2000 and I have been teaching at Saint Olaf Catholic School since that time.  
I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, five fantastic children, and three angelic grandchildren who are the light of my life.  Reading, movies, family, and making fun of Mr. Kelson are all passions of mine. I am lucky enough to bring my love of reading to the classroom where I can influence students to appreciate literature.
St. Olaf Catholic School is a second home to me.  I love the community of students, parents and parishioners that we have here.  God has led me to this school and I have been welcomed unconditionally by everyone I have encountered on our campus.  I look forward to many more prosperous and fulfilling years here.


Recent Posts

Friday, November 16, 2018

Hello everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving Day preparations are going well.  We are all looking forward to spending time with family next week.  
As we wrap up this week, sixth, seventh and eighth graders have been working on the summative assessment for our unit on informative/explanatory writing. Each grade took a baseline assessment at the beginning of the year on the same subject.  I am excited to see the growth they have achieved over the last few weeks.  Seventh grade has completed the assessment and they have self-assessed their writing using the scoring rubric.  Please ask them how everything went and what they wrote about.
Eighth grade finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird and we are now studying Night by Elie Weisel.
Sixth grade continues to study The Lightning Thief.  They are polishing up a mini-essay in which they find elements of mythology in the classic myth of Prometheus and come up with a theme contained in the story. Ask them about their thoughts on what we have been doing.
I am thankful for your students, their wonderful personalities and their willingness to learn and grow.  Thank you for sending them to us and thank you for your support.

A B C Topic Book Report

For the month of November, I have asked sixth grade to read an informational, non-fiction book. The instructions for the book report are attached to this post. The report is due Friday, November 30.  Thank you for all you do for our school! 

Character Cards

Hi everyone!  September is over and we accomplished quite a few things last month.  In October I have directed the sixth grade to read a mystery book.  We have discussed the genre in class and they have a good understanding of what a mystery is and how to choose one.  Attached are the directions for the October book report, which is due October 31, 2018.  

Three Weeks Down!

Three weeks down for the year.  We have been working hard in both English and literature.  In seventh and eighth grade we have completed one week with our new writing program called Step Up to Writing.  The focus was on the writing process and the traits of effective writing.  Seventh and eighth graders were able to evaluate a piece of writing using a rubric with those traits.  
Sixth grade is in the middle of these writing ideas.  We reviewed the core topics and are preparing for a quiz next week, please ask your student about it!  

First Week!

The first week of school is over!  We had a great week and look forward to many more.  In sixth grade, we began our study of science fiction and fantasy.  Each sixth grader should have a science fiction or fantasy book to read for the months of August and September.  Parents, look at the previous post to see the instructions for the book report sixth grade needs to do for this book.  It is due September 28, 2018. 
Seventh and Eighth graders have been diving into The Giver and To Kill A Mockingbird in literature classes.  In English, we have begun our study of a new writing program entitled, Step Up to Writing.  I love to see each students' unique and talented way of expressing themselves.