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About Me

I'm a teacher at St. Olaf. I teach the middle school math, 7th-8th science and 6th world history. The 2018-2019 school year will be my second year teaching at St. O's. I spent the first five years teaching and administrating for Murray School District. I'm an avid outdoors person. Fishing, camping, boating, hunting, rafting and paintball are several of the things I do throughout the year. I enjoy a good feed and spending time with family and friends. Over the summer, my favorite read was Jurassic Park. 
My Mission Statement:
As the classroom leader, I, with our entire school community, will cultivate a caring and effective environment where students are challenged with a faith-centered, high standards education that's focused on the whole child. (R.I.S.E)


Recent Posts

2nd Quarter Mid-Terms Next Week!

Howdy All,
Can you believe that it's already the middle of the 2nd term? Mid-term grades will be available on Monday, November 19th, 2018.
Students have until Monday afternoon to get missing work turned in before mid-terms go out.
Also, remember that there is no school next week starting on Wednesday to Sunday. We look forward to seeing you at our Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 20th!
Mr. Kelson

Insurance Offered on Desks and Chairs!

Today, students had the opportunity to buy insurance, using their classroom economy money, on their desks and chairs. Ask your child if they decided to buy insurance or not. Ask them why they did or didn't. Prepare yourself for a good laugh and conversation. Enjoy the weekend.
Mr. Kelson

Halloween Carnival Tonight!!!

Howdy Folks,
Tonight is our annual Halloween Carnival in the McNamara Center at 6:00pm. We'd love to see you there as we all enjoy the festivities, costumes, feed and games.
See you there!
Mr. Kelson

Formal Dress Picture Day Tuesday, October 2nd

Just a reminder that tomorrow, October 2nd is formal picture day for the middle school. Please be sure to wear your tie and your Friday best. Smile!

First Class Auction/Bills/Fines/Pay Day

What a great week. Thursday and Friday marked the culmination of our economy's first month. Students paid their were paid their salaries, they paid their bills and fines and participated in our first auction. Yes... some students even took their first loans @ 20% interest rates.
Have a conversation tonight with your child about how it went and what their goals are for savings and paying bills in the future months.
Have a great weekend.
Mr. Kelson

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Mr. Kelson