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About Me

Hi Welcome to 2nd grade!
My name is Courtney Rustik and this is my second year teaching second grade at St. Olaf. I grew up in Eugene, OR where I attended Catholic school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I then went to Carroll College, which is a Catholic college located in Helena, MT. I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Art degree in Elementary Education. While I was working towards my degree, I worked as a direct service provider for children with Autism. During my time at Carroll College, I also had the opportunity to student teach in a 3rd grade classroom. After my graduation, I was offered the position at St. Olaf and I have been teaching second grade here ever since! Second grade is a year filled with exploring, learning, and having fun. In my free time I like to browse pinterest, bake, go to lagoon, sew, and take care of Gracie (our class pet hamster).

My Classroom Mission Statement:


I will motivate, inspire, encourage, and support students in their growth of knowledge, faith, and character.



Recent Posts

Reminders for Next Week

Hi all, 
There will be no homework next week except for a reading log that will be due on Friday. They only need to have four days (Mon-Thurs.) filled out on this. 
Here is a quick glance into the things that are happening next week: 
Monday: Ugly sweater day. Student's can wear an ugly sweater and non uniform pants to school.
Tuesday: Cultural interviews are due. It also sprit night at the Zupa's in Bountiful (by smiths). This will run from 5-9 and is a great fundraiser for our school! 
Thursday: Culture Fair. Our culture fair will run from 1:30 until around 2:30. Parents are welcome to come and look around at our cultural posters that we will be making during class next week. 
Friday: Christmas Program. The children will be wearing their Christmas best for this. This year the Christmas program is at 11. It will be held in the Church. Because of the 11 o'clock start time, we will not be having lunch at school. Please make sure that you and your child check out with me before you leave. There will be no EDP on that day. 
-Miss Rustik

Cultural Traditions Project

Hi all, 
Your child should be going home with a yellow packet today about a project we are starting. We have been discussing culture and traditions and the kids will be doing a project on their own culture and traditions. They must fill out the interview form and return it by Tuesday, December 18th. We will be making posters in class using the information they gather from you. Please take a minute to sit down with your child and go through the questions. This is a very exciting thing for them! We will be holding a culture fair on Thursday, December 20th from 1:30-2:30 if you would like to attend to see their poster and the other posters in the room. Thank you for you help in making this a fun event! 
Miss Rustik

This Week (December 10-14)

Hi all, 
This week is a pretty normal week. Please keep in mind that Spirit Night at the Cafe Zupa's in Bountiful is next Tuesday (18th.) Join us for a delicious meal from 5-9 to earn up to 25% back for Saint Olaf!
We will also be reading at mass on Friday. If your child is reading, I have sent them home with the reading to practice and I will let you know through an email. 
Miss Rustik 
Here are the spelling and vocabulary books for the week:
  1. Own
  2. Most
  3. Soap
  4. Float
  5. Both
  6. Know
  7. Loan
  8. Goat
  9. Flow
  10. Loaf
  11. Throw
  12. Coach


Behavior: the way someone or something acts; what they do

Curious: wanting to know something

Imitated: copied or did the same thing as someone else

Motion: moving around

Illness: being sick or not feeling well

Silence: totally quiet, no noise

Darkness: no light

Knowledge: information or facts

This Week ( Dec. 3-7th)

Hi all, 
We have stocking stuffers being collected throughout the week. Thank you for all that have brought things already! Please see my previous post for what we are collecting each day.
Wednesday is Causal for a Cause. Students may wear free dress in exchange for $3 to go towards our monthly cause.  
Thursday we will be celebrating St. Nicholas' Feast Day. Please have your child bring a shoe to school by Wednesday that they can leave at school overnight so that St. Nicholas can visit them at school and leave a special treat in their shoe. 
Friday is early out. There will be 12:30 dismissal. 
Lastly, we will be starting a social studies unit on culture and family traditions. We will be doing a project where students will be able to share with the class about their heritage and culture. Please stay tuned for more information on this. 
Miss Rustik 
**Here are the spelling and vocabulary words for this week: 
  1. Free
  2. Teach
  3. Teeth
  4. Please
  5. Beach
  6. Wheel
  7. Team
  8. Speak
  9. Sneeze
  10. Sheep
  11. Meaning
  12. Weave

Transportation: ways of getting from place to place

Community: all the people living in one town or place

Lesson: something that is taught

Subjects: different things to study in school

Culture: clothes, celebrations, and food shared by a group of people

Languages: what people speak

Special: a way that is not like every day

Wear: to be dressed in a type of clothes


Stocking Stuffers

The Council of Women's annual Stocking Stuffer service project is an opportunity for us to support those in need in our local community. This year the event will be held December 7th at 6:30 pm, we are hoping that our school community will help make the holiday season a little bit brighter. We will be collecting the following items December 3rd-7th. 

Monday, December 3rd: Disposable razors
Tuesday, December 4th: Reusable bags (canvas type shopping bags)
Wednesday, December 5th: Warm heavy gloves (not magic gloves) 
Thursday, December 6th: Heavy, tall socks, (not no-show socks)
Friday, December 7th: Warm hats, preferably that can be pulled down over the ears

Show and Tell

Reminder that show and tell will be tomorrow, November 29th! They can bring a show and tell to school, but it must fit in their backpack and it cannot be a phone or tablet. 

This Week (Nov 26-30)

Hi all, 
I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break. There will be show and tell this Friday. Also, because I was sick today the student's did not get their homework packet for this week. I will be sending home their homework tomorrow when I am back at school. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Here are the spelling words and vocabulary words for the week: 
  1. Pay
  2. Wait
  3. Paint
  4. Train
  5. Pail
  6. Clay
  7. Tray
  8. Plain
  9. Stain
  10. Hay
  11. Gray
  12. Away


Vibration: a movement made by sound

Tune: a melody

Volume: how loud or quiet a sound is

Expression: showing of feelings

Creative: original

Performance: music played for an audience

Concentrate: pay attention

Relieved: freed from worry

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns. 
Miss Rustik 

This Week (November 19-20)

Hi all, 
Please remember that it is a short week this week and the Thanksgiving Feast is tomorrow. If you are planning on taking your child home right after the feast, please make sure you check out with me on your way out. They may not leave until I have checked them out. We will have no homework or spelling test this week. Also, please send your child with an extra snack tomorrow! Midterms will also be sent home Tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! 
Miss Rustik

Thanksgiving Feast

Just a reminder that the Thanksgiving Feast is next Tuesday! We are scheduled to eat at 12:45. Please meet your student at the Mac Center. Parents will be able to take their students home after lunch. Because we are eating later than the student's are used to, I will offer them a second snack time so please send your child with an extra snack for that day!

Go Math Help

I have added two new videos on how to do the math lessons this week for homework in case you are struggling on how to help your child. They are under the links tab on my website! This is a great source for you or for your child to watch if they are struggling. 

This week (Nov 12-16)

Happy Monday! Here are the spelling and vocabulary words for the week! 


Problem: something that needs to be solved or fixed

Impossible: cannot be done

Believe: to think that something is true or real

Understand: to know something

Impatient: not wanting to wait; wanting to do something right now

Furious: very angry

Gathered: picked or scooped something up

Demand: to insist on

This week (Nov 5-8)

Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday and Wednesday is Casual for a Cause. Here are the spelling and vocabulary words for the week:
Simple: easy, not complicated
Millions: a large number
Weaker: less strong 
Drift: float around 
Wrapped: covered
Disgusted: sickening 
Choices: decisions
Decide: make up your mind about something 

Free Dress Tomorrow

The students were given a surprise free dress day from Mr. McFall for tomorrow! Your child may come to school tomorrow in clothing of their choice. Thank you!