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Is it better to brag on yourself, or to let other people tell the story? At Saint Olaf Catholic School, our parents have plenty to say! Your child will become a responsible, self-disciplined citizen of the world at Saint Olaf Catholic School.
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Third Grade Wins the First Spirit Challenge! Featured Photo

Third Grade Wins the First Spirit Challenge!

As part of our Booster Fall Fundraiser, students compete for pledges and an ultimate prize of an afternoon at Boondocks. Not only does the class who raised the most funds go, but also the class who wins the Spirit Award which includes 4 categories: coordinating spirit wear, a school spirit cheer or chant, a random act of kindness, and participation in school mass. We are excited to announce that THIRD GRADE wins the Spirit Award! We were impressed with the messages and notes they left on each others t-shirts which were copied by many other classes after they saw the shirts. We were also impressed by their choreographed dance and cheer. Finally, we loved their "act of kindness" where they collected canned goods after hearing the local food banks are running low. Get ready for an afternoon at Boondocks. Congratulations third grade, you definitely have Viking School Spirit!
Sharing In Our Students' Lives Featured Photo

Sharing In Our Students' Lives

Our congratulations to Mark on his baptism this past Wednesday during school mass. It was wonderful to share this beautiful and Holy experience as a school and to be able to support Mark's faith journey both before the baptism and after. Mark, we pray that your faith grows deep roots and flourishes your whole life through. We are so glad you are part of the Saint Olaf family!
Now that's a Teacher!!! Featured Photo

Now that's a Teacher!!!

We just can't ignore the above and beyond that students and families report about Mrs. Cowan year after year. Not only does she inspire a true love of reading, she gets the best authors to visit the kids, remembers the smallest details about her students, and joins them for impactful moments in their lives, even after they have moved on from her classroom. Congratulations to Bentley for inspiring Mr. Evans with a new character, "Bentley" for his Michael Vey book series. Mr. Evans also was excited to meet Lexi and Kenzie as he reported that they look like how he imagined his main character twins. A HUGE thanks to Mrs. Cowan-you change your students' lives!!!!