Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 TUITION & FEES

While maintaining fiscal responsibility, our primary goal is to make our school a reality for all interested families. Please do not let financial constraints keep your family from joining our community. We will work with you. Tuition is payable through School Admin, a third party company that facilitates family Payment Plans including EDP and other misc fees due. Please see the tuition assistance description below to apply for aid.





(New Students Only)


Yearly Summer Camp Registration

(One time fee - yearly)


Yearly Registration (PreK-8th)*


Monthly Summer Camp Rate

(Monthly Pay in Advance = $35/day)

June: $700

July: $700

August: $175 (1 week only)

Yearly School Fees (PreK-8th)*


Daily Drop In Summer Camp Rate

(If not paid in advance for full month)


Overall Cost of 8th Grade Graduation

approx. $800

EDP Hourly Rate

(If not paid in full)


Average per student Graduation Cost

(for a class of 15 students)


EDP Program Pay in Full (10% off)

(Pay in Full = $4.05/hour)


*The non-refundable $150.00 per student Registration fee and School Fees will be added to your School Admin Payment Plan if not received by July 1, 2023.

TUITION (Kindergarten - 8th Grade)


10 month plan

12 month plan

Tier 1 (Cost to Educate)




Tier 2 (Catholic Rate)**




Tier 3 (FACTS need based application required)


Tier 4 (International Students)




TUITION (Pre Kindergarten)


10 month plan

12 month plan

Pre K (8-11:30 AM)




Pre K (8-3 PM) Tier 1 (Cost to Educate)




Pre K (8-3 PM) Tier 2 (Catholic Rate)**




**To be eligible for the Catholic tuition rate a family must: register, attend, and support a Utah Catholic parish & provide a copy of a Catholic baptismal certificate.

FACTs: In order to receive reduced tuition, families must apply through FACTs Tuition Assistance by April 15. Families must reapply each year. Income information for both parents is required. If you have children in other Catholic schools, only one application is required and tuition is coordinated between schools.  

AFFORDING A CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION: In addition to FACTs, there are scholarships, tax breaks, and assistance available to help defer tuition costs. Click here to view.



Print Tuition and Fee Information Here.