Current Parent FAQ's:

What is the best way to meet other families at the school?
We think the best way to meet new people is to get involved in a variety of school and parish activities throughout the year. Our community is such a significant part of who we are that we require 30 volunteer hours per family, and our hope is that you find fun ways to meet your hours and find many friends along the way. Please see the Home and School (HSA) Page for activities you can participate in and/or volunteer for. 

How does the school communicate information to families?
Because of our commitment to be mostly paperless, the school communicates via weekly emails (through Edlio), through updates/news on our web site, through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as Track IT Forward, Pik My Kid and Blackbaud. These systems are fairly easy to navigate and several have mobile APPS so you can track volunteer opportunities, log hours, announce arrival in carline, and receive emergency updates. If you have questions about installing or navigating these systems, check with the office, any room reps, or any HSA parent.

What is Blackbaud?
"Effective communications with families has long been important part of the school experience; today it’s absolutely essential to deliver an exceptional experience. Blackbaud makes it easy for schools to put all the information families need in one convenient online location, with one log-in." Through Blackbaud, parents can track homework and grades, access lesson plans and assignments, review data and testing results for their student, and access all classroom digital tools like google classroom, seesaw, and HMH programs with one click and no log-ins.

What types of things can I do to meet my required volunteer hours?
We offer numerous ways to volunteer. One of the easiest ways to find activities is through the Track IT Forward App. This App lists any teacher requests, room rep requests, class parties, supplies needed, Auction hours, and any other volunteer school needs. You can also talk with your child's teacher about specific volunteering in the classroom or you can sign up for an official volunteer position for HSA, classroom rep, or Auction Committee. Any supplies purchased for the school count towards hours as well - $10=1 hour.

Where do I log my required volunteer hours and what is Track IT Forward?
Track It Forward is new for the 2022-23 School year. Track it Forward is a tool for volunteer, nonprofit, grassroots, schools and government organizations to track volunteer efforts. Volunteers can log hours via the web or mobile app, as well as sign up for events/meetings/conferences and track their progress for requirements.

Is there a school directory-how do I contact parents in my child's class?
Yes, we are currently working on digital directory to replace Join Our Class. We are currently transitioning to an SIS (student information system) that will streamline admissions and enrollment and keep health records, permission slips, emergency contacts, and all things student related in one place. Families will be receiving invites to the system shortly.

How does the Used Uniform Sale and School Store work?
Parents and students are welcome to check stock anytime before or after school throughout the year for uniforms, especially for one or two items. Please check in at the office to visit our store. The majority of our used stock is shared with new students/families as they wait for orders to process. We encourage sharing of used garments from family to family and feel free to post needs/requests or items available on our schools HSA FB page; HERE.

What is HSA and do I need to attend meetings?
HSA stands for Home and School Association and is the liaison between parents and the school and parish. Any social or fundraising activities are run through HSA, a committee consisting of parents, pastor, principal, and teacher representative. If you want to be involved or to know what activities are going on at the school, attend the once monthly HSA meetings. Please see the HSA web page under Our Community for further details, calendar events, and HSA meeting notes.  

If I need to speak with my child’s teacher, what is the process?
We encourage communication anytime with your child's teacher via email or through education planners in the form of notes. We welcome individual meetings pre-scheduled with your child's teacher, based on mutual availability. Collectively, Saint Olaf will offer Student Education Plan (SEP) conferences twice a year. These are the equivalent to parent-teacher conferences. Each parent will have a face to face meeting with both teacher and student to collaboratively set/review educational goals for the school year and discuss any other issues that fit within the scheduled time frame. 

Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday and/or send Birthday invitations?
Each teacher has a Birthday celebration system in place, which is reviewed with parents. For the safety of our students, we do not allow parents to bring in treats. Thank you for your cooperation with this effort. Please don't hesitate to ask about each classroom Birthday policy. Our teachers love to celebrate their students and have numerous ways they do this throughout the year! If your child is having a birthday party, invitations may only come to or through the school if ALL students from the class are invited. 

Can I visit my child’s classroom during school time?
Yes, in fact, we love visits!  We do ask that you receive permission from the teacher and the office before your visit. We encourage parents to observe their child’s learning environment.  Teachers often request parent volunteers as well, so check with them regarding ways you can help and participate in the class.  

What kind of after school activities do you have?
In our EDP program, students may complete homework during both the morning and afternoon sessions. Our EDP room is stocked with age/learning appropriate toys, books and games. Movies are occasionally offered and outside play time is encouraged as weather permits. Teachers and/or Students lead various clubs during EDP and are subject to change from year to year and have included: Choir, Orchestra, Math Lab, various gaming clubs and sports practices. The school has partnered with Mad Science for 2 six week sessions (Fall/Spring) based on parent interest. Saint Olaf has students and parents involved in both Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops. Intramural volleyball is offered in the fall and basketball is offered in the winter through CYO.