Prospective Family FAQ


Do you have an Extended day program?
Yes, we do. Our Extended Day Program (EDP) is offered from 7 AM – 7:50 AM and from 3 PM – 6 PM for Saint Olaf students. Every Saint Olaf student is enrolled in the program, and only charged for the time used. The cost is $5.00 per hour per child or save 10% and Pay in Full for the year. Your child is released only to people you have approved.

Is Saint Olaf Catholic School accredited?
Yes, all Utah Catholic schools are accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). Schools are re-accredited every six years to ensure provision of the best environment for academic growth and faith formation for our students.

Do you have a Summer Program?
Saint Olaf Catholic School holds a summer camp for any child requiring summer daycare or interested in fun activities. The program is open for children entering Kindergarten and above. The camp is open from 7 AM – 6 PM and is a financially self-supporting program. There is a $50 registration fee per child. The cost is $60 per day/per child and is a drop-in, pay-as-you-go, program or pay for the entire month up front for a discounted rate. Please see Tuition & Fees for details.   

Activities include arts & crafts, games, and outside play time at Saint Olaf Catholic School. Activities can include off site field trips. Transportation is provided by a qualified driver and school bus.

What grades does Saint Olaf Catholic School serve?
We offer a pre-school program for students age 4 and up. We serve K-4th in our grade school. We serve 5th-8th in our middle school.  

What kind of after school activities do you have?
In our Extended Day Program (EDP), students can complete homework in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Our EDP room is stocked with age/learning appropriate toys, games, and books. Movies are occasionally offered and outside play time is available, weather permitting. Teachers and/or students lead various clubs, as well, and these change year to year and have included: choir and orchestra practice, Math Lab, various gaming clubs, and sports practices. The school has also partnered with Mad Science to offer two, 6 week sessions (Fall/Spring) based on parent interest. Saint Olaf has parents and students involved in both Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops. Intramural basketball is offered in the winter season. Volleyball is offered in the Fall. 

How much is Saint Olaf Catholic School tuition?
Tuition is set by the Diocese of Salt Lake City and is the same for all regular Catholic Elementary Schools throughout Utah. Fees are set by each individual school and cover mostly administrative and programming costs, including tuition collection and management, administrative supplies, professional memberships and subscriptions and special program fees. More detailed information may be found by visiting Tuition & Fees.

How is tuition paid?
You may select a one time payment in full or select from several payment plans through FACTs (a third party agency). Automatic withdrawals are processed by FACTs once you have set up a payment plan.

Does the school provide financial aid?
Saint Olaf offers need-based reduced tuition. The application process is also through FACTs (third party agency that handles payment plans and fair tuition). FACTs computes a fair tuition amount based on financial information submitted and then makes a recommendation to Saint Olaf School. If you have children in other Catholic schools, only one application is necessary and the Fair Share Tuition will be coordinated between the schools. To be considered for reduced tuition, income information from both parents is required. Fair Share Tuition is not a scholarship. Despite losing the difference between reduced tuition and set tuition amounts, we highly encourage you to apply and we will work with you. We believe every child deserves a Catholic education. Saint Olaf offers several other ways to afford tuition, for details visit Affording Catholic School.

Do we need to be Catholic to attend?
No, students do not have to be Catholic. We accept students of all faiths. Currently, our enrollment is approximately 40% non-Catholic. All students will receive religious instruction as part of the regular curriculum because we firmly believe our Catholic faith formation makes all the difference! Equipped with a solid moral foundation, and heart to serve, our students can transform the world around them.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?
We require our teachers to have a bachelors degree, a teaching license, and pass a background check. While understanding the benefit of certifications, we also recognize the significant value of degrees in related fields, work experience, knowledge, and natural teaching ability. So, as we select the very best teachers, we may look beyond certificates and work with teachers as they complete licensure programs. The state of Utah does not require teacher certification.

What school do Saint Olaf graduates attend?
The majority of our alumni attend Judge Memorial Catholic High School located in Salt Lake City or Saint Joseph Catholic High School located in Ogden.

Where do we purchase uniforms?
Parents purchase uniforms on-line. Please visit our Uniform page for more details. We have a small Used Uniform Store here on campus with a limited supply of uniforms available for purchase. 

Do the students attend Mass?
Yes, the entire student body attends weekly Mass on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM and on Holy Days of Obligation. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Do you accept students with special needs?
Yes, on a case by case basis. We are an approved school for Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarships. Before we can accept students with special needs, we require a thorough examination of their IEP and a consultation with the parents and the principal in order to determine if we have the resources necessary to help them reach their fullest potential. If we do, then we will accept them. We will not accept any student whose needs we cannot adequately meet.