Home and School Association

Our 2022-23 Home and School Board:
  • President: Melissa Martinez
  • Vice Presidents: Olga Anjomani & Hannah Aldrich
  • Treasurer: Becky Johnson
  • Auction Chair: Jennifer Karrick
  • Previous President Advisor: Cristal VanDongen
    Further Position Breakdowns:
    • Secretary - Melissa Martinez
    • Parish Liaison - Melissa Martinez
    • Events Coordinator - Olga Anjomani
    • New Parent Buddy System - Olga Anjomani
    • Spanish Speaking Family Liaison - Olga Anjomani
    • Volunteer Liaison - Hannah Aldrich
    • Lost & Found - Hannah Aldrich
    • First Friday Faculty Lunch - Hannah Aldrich
If you have any HSA-related questions or would like an item to be addressed at the next HSA meeting, contact the HSA board at [email protected]
2022-2023 HSA Activities at a Glance 
  • New Parent Night - Thursday, August 11, 6:00-7 PM
  • Tears and Cheers Reception - Monday August 15, 8 AM
  • Annual Ice Cream Social - Wednesday, September 14, 6:30 PM
  • SEP Faculty Dinners (2 nights) - Wednesday/Thursday, September 28, 29
  • Halloween Class Parties - Monday, October 31, 2 PM
  • Christmas Program Reception - Friday, December, 16
  • Valentine's Class Parties - Tuesday, February 14, 2 PM 
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade - Saturday, March 11, meet early, parade starts at 11 AM
  • SEP Faculty Dinners (2 nights) - Wednesday/Thursday, March 29, 30
  • Annual Auction - Saturday Evening, May 6
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - Monday-Friday, May 1-5
  • End of Year BBQ Celebration - Friday, May 26 at dismissal
What is the HSA?
The Home and School Association (HSA) exists as a liaison between, parents/guardians, school, and parish with the explicit purpose to foster communication & community while executing school fundraising and social events. All parents/guardians are automatically members of the HSA. The HSA is a dedicated group of volunteers run by an Officer Board, Room Representatives, parents/guardians, faculty, and the Principal. Monthly meetings are held at the school. Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to attend and participate. Pertinent school and parish information is shared in these meetings, including all school activities, events, fundraisers, class parties, and any other school or church information. Meeting notes are published and available to those unable to attend.
What is the purpose of HSA?
  • To promote communication among parents, teachers, and administration
  • To provide information regarding all aspects of education and student growth & development
  • To promote good will and cooperation between parents, faculty, administration, and parish
  • To support the school through specific volunteer activities, social functions, and fundraisers
What are the responsibilities of the HSA Board Members?
  • Work in cooperation with the school administration
  • Conduct Home and School meetings
  • Plan and execute all assigned activities and programs
  • Manage and assist room representatives with their tasks
  • Support and promote the school's educational program
  • Support and promote the primary mission of the school 
What are the responsibilities of the Room Representatives?
The primary responsibility of the Room Representatives is to act as the liaison between the HSA, the teacher and the parents/guardians of the class. Room Reps are the primary contact for their class regarding all Home and School communication and class projects. Classroom projects can range from helping with a specific in-class project, planning and organizing classroom parties, to auction projects and other organized events within or for the class that the teacher or HSA Board requests help with.
2022/2023 Room Representatives:
PreK: Amy Carda and Ashlee Garecht
Kindergarten: Stacey Ashbury and Halley Turner 
1st: Christina Da Costa, Brenize Johnson, Kelly Trythall, Catherine Ginter
2nd: Whitney Johnson and Monique Lopez
3rd: Jeannette Garcia 
4th: JC Corn and Di Tinker
5th: Nikki Broadhead and Darcee Wheeler 
6th: Amy Henry and Michelle Fisher 
7th: Phung Matthews and Neely Hammond
8th: Janine Dos Santos
Each family is required to volunteer 30 hours per school year.  What types of things can I do to meet my required volunteer hours?
We offer numerous ways to volunteer. One of the easiest ways to find activities is through the Track IT Forward App.  This App lists any needs including many of those listed below.