Why Saint Olaf Catholic School

The answer is written on our FACE.

Faith-While we provide a Catholic faith-filled education, we recognize that faith is primarily about a personal relationship with our Creator. It is this relationship that inspires us to help transform our world.  We guide students to develop and deepen their individual faiths and spiritual gifts in order to bless and enrich themselves and others. Brick by brick, experience by experience, Saint Olaf helps build within each child a solid moral foundation with the skills and tools to serve. We model unconditional love, respect, and stewardship through participation in service oriented and religious activities, regular Christian teaching, and action-based daily communal living. Our students leave equipped to be the difference!

Academics-If college is the goal for your child, Catholic schools have an 85% success rate for college bound students, with 99% graduating high school.  Catholic students consistently score above average on state tests and college entrance exams. At Saint Olaf, our students score well above district averages across the board in Math, Science, Reading, and ELA. We strive for excellent communicators, both in verbal and written forms. Saint Olaf students have scored 90% (on or above grade level) in writing for the last 2 years. We are a school of writers! Students discover their voice, their vision, and the skills needed to clearly and effectively express them. Excellent communicators succeed in all job markets and fields, across all spectrums of life. We love helping students discover and use their voices.

CommunityAt Saint Olaf Catholic School, community is not a buzz word-it is woven into the fabric of who we are. Not only do we recognize the absolute beauty and intrinsic value of each child, we are a village, encircling our families with love and support at all levels. We offer before and after school care for working families where homework is completed under the watchful eye of our teachers. We offer additional clubs, activities, summer camp, and tutoring. The school hosts and participates in a number of community activities and social events throughout the year, from mom groups, to family game nights, to parent socials, as well as Parish functions. We do life together. Let Saint Olaf be your home away from home!

EnduresAs your school, your community, your village, we aren't just concerned about your child for the years we have the privilege of partnering with you in their education. Our sincerest hope, prayer, and mission is to instill these shared ideals and skills into your child and family for a lifetime and beyond. We want our students to be people with passion and purpose, faith-filled, curious, and resilient. Where faith, academics, and community endure, life long learners truly RISE!

Saint Olaf Catholic school is an expression of the mission of Jesus Christ, maintaining a visible Catholic presence within our local community. Catholic School educators recognize the personal dignity of each child and strive to make students aware of their purpose in life. We provide a faith-based community to aid each child in developing self-worth and Christian maturity. Together with parents, the primary educators of their children, we aspire to provide a quality education that will allow each child to RISE, by growing responsibly, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.


We RISE, as a community of learners, continually growing as Christ-centered individuals through life’s journey.

We help students become RESPONSIBLE, self-disciplined citizens of the world who act with integrity.

We prepare students INTELLECTUALLY to analyze complex issues and think critically while developing a life-long love of learning.

We nurture a SPIRITUAL relationship with God through the Catholic Faith Formation that manifests itself in weekly Liturgical celebration, stewardship and daily prayer.

We foster the EMOTIONAL development of the students through the virtues of empathy and charity.