Current Capital Projects

In an article about working at the school as both mother and grandma, published in the Viking Heritage back in 1987, Marilyn Larrabee reported, "Our school is full of family ties.  Our roots are digging deeper."  In 2011, almost 25 years later, with little having changed to the physical building of Saint Olaf school, both school and parish began seeking how to "dig deeper"-how to ensure the school's continued success long into the future.  
It was readily apparent to students, parents, staff, and parishioners that building updates, renovations, and even an addition were badly needed. A capital campaign was initiated and excitement began to build. The students were as dedicated as their parents, bringing in their own money and dreaming of the new spaces and the memories created there. The plan was to build an addition that would include a cafeteria, meeting rooms and additional classroom/lab space. One first grade student donated over $50 to make sure the campaign was successful. Now in eighth grade, that same student still imagines a school where "there will be room for more students. I want a cafeteria so we can have a place to eat together. It is my dream...before I graduate from Saint Olaf's."
Successful learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Additional physical spaces help students develop in all the ways we RISE at Saint Olaf (Responsibly, Intellectually, Spiritually, and Emotionally). An addition to the school means students will have more accommodating gathering places for both school-wide and small group instruction, places to study science and art, delve into a good book or research on a computer at the library-not to mention a place to eat lunch that isn't the desk students work at all day. The most straightforward improvements to a learning environment such as a designated space for lunch or a chance to experiment in an actual science lab are often the most meaningful for students, boosting confidence and fostering hands-on learning experiences.

After a long stall in the original campaign, the dream was revived, reinvented, and re-imagined this past year, in 2018. The families and staff of Saint Olaf have been very encouraged by the most recent capital campaign fundraising efforts, but also understand small individual contributions, while very helpful, make for slow forward progress. For Saint Olaf School to continue its tradition of excellence, promotion of Christian values and level of academic rigor, it must modernize and add-on to its facilities promptly. This is as crucial to the success of current students and staff as it is for prospective and future students and families of Saint Olaf School.

For nearly 60 years, the teachers, students, parents, and community of Saint Olaf School have worked the fertile educational soil digging ever deeper roots in this community, always with the FACE of the students of Saint Olaf at the forefront. The school's focus on strong individualized faith, appropriately challenging academics, and community minded life long learners is unmatched, but now the building must rise to the same standards so current and future students receive the very best learning experience from top to bottom-inside out. It only takes a stroll down the hallway to experience the good that has happened at Saint Olaf Catholic School for 60 years and to know that it must continue on, for all those amazing little faces. As Marilyn Larrabee said so many years ago, but still holds true today, "It's exciting to see those sweet faces from the past repeated in our dreams for the future-the present student body!"   

We hope you will support us in our efforts as we continue to RISE!