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Richard and Catherine Gourde Scholarship Form

Richard and Catherine Gourde sent all of their 11 children to Saint Olaf Catholic School starting on opening day in September 1960 into the early 1990’s. Their dedication and testimony to the value of Catholic Education and Faith led to the creation of this need-based scholarship. The Gourde Family wishes that every child would have access to Catholic Education, especially at Saint Olaf Catholic School where their family lived, learned and served. 

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Richard and Catherine Gourde Scholarship. To be eligible you must be currently registered and active at your parish.

  • Families must fill out a FACTs Application as this is a need-based scholarship.
  • For students entering grades 5th - 8th, please have the student fill out the questions.
  • For grades Pre Kindergarten - 4th, parents may fill out the questions.

The selected recipient will be notified during Catholic Schools Week for the next Academic year. Applications are accepted through January 1. All portions of the application must be complete.

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Completed FACTS Application*
Go to https://factsmgt.com/parents/ to create an account and complete.
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My Family/I plan to attend a Catholic High School?*
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My family/I certify that we are active stewards of the Saint Olaf School Community & Saint Olaf Parish. *
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I understand that if I am selected and my family accepts the scholarship that I represent the Gourde family, the mission of the school, and our Catholic faith.*
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If I am selected and my family accepts the scholarship, we understand that if I do not appropriately represent the above, the scholarship may be revoked and we are responsible for the remaining tuition.*
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