Capital Campaign Committee Highlight

She is a parishioner and a parent to Josh, who is currently in the 7th grade at our school and Riley, who is a graduate of Saint Olaf and is currently in 12th grade.

In her own words: "My family and I have been a part of the St. Olaf school and parish for the past twelve years. During this time we have grown to love the community and appreciate the school for what is has provided my children. As St Olaf's has supported my boys to reach their full potential, I want the same for the school. I want to see the school thrive and have a secure future. One of the ways the school will do this is by modernizing the facility and presenting itself to the greater community for what it is: A professional institution capable and dedicated to meeting it's mission as a catholic school.

Thank you, Michelle, for all that you do and for your dedication to this project.