Catholic Schools Week - Celebrating Vocations

Today we celebrated Vocations Day for Catholic Schools Week. It was an overwhelming experience buzzing from class to class hearing all the amazing jobs, careers, and ways our parents, friends, and spiritual leaders serve in the larger community. A HUGE thank you for the gift of your time and talents to all our presenters. You gave our students much to think about as they consider the what and why of future career paths.


Father Delka                 Sister Germaine (from the Daughters of Charity)

Jeanette Garcia            Sister Genevra (from the Sisters of the Holy Cross)

Monique Lopez             Kareena Murphy

Jenny Pagani                Paul George

Shane Dean                  Kelly Pickering

Sarah Rogowski           Jill Groce

Joe Pienezza                Heather Harris

Marie Groberg              Fritz Fisher

Students learned about vocations that provide:

Safety for self and others, including preventative care and the importance of critical thinking, including reliable and appropriate sources for information-classes were visited by an FBI Special Investigator, Retired Marine and analyst for L3, and a Fire Chief.

Care of the whole person, body, mind and spirit-students heard from and participated in activities related to nursing, social work, personal training, and a social services 

Spiritual and Emotional Care-students learned of the many facets to the life of nuns and priests and were able to ask lots of questions about religious vocations from our visiting Sisters, Father Delka, and a Religious Ed teacher

Care for the systems we rely on and are life necessities like goods & services, shelter, automobiles, and news and weather alerts-students learned about management of people & organizations, building & design, welding, and meteorology.