End of Year Pick-Up

  • Traffic flow will follow morning carline guidelines with tables spaced along with the drop off the sidewalk. You will need to enter at the closest driveway to the school off 1800 S. 
  • Masks are required for the safety of everyone (even students riding along). We will be practicing social distancing.
  • Teachers will be present during the 2 earlier time slots so feel free to deliver cards and other Thank You’s directly to them.
  • Each student will receive a small U-Haul moving box-meds will be included from the office.
  • Times: 9:30-11 AM; 1-3:30 PM; 5-6 PM (Mr. McFall only); or you may arrange a separate collection time as needed.
  • Unfortunately for safety, this is a drive-thru and we ask that you do not plan to park or hang-out and once again please observe social distancing and wear your masks.