Who ya gonna call? Judgment Call!

Judge Memorial High School has a hard-working robotics team comprised of 34 students from grades 9-12.  This is the 4th year of their competition team, and some seniors have been on the team since the very beginning.  "It's amazing to see how far they've come, how much they've grown," says Mrs. McKown, one of the team's adult teachers/mentors.
St. Olaf's Catholic School was lucky enough to experience this incredible team in person on October 3rd.  Judge sent over 8 of their Judgment Call Robotics team members, along with Mrs. McKown, for a special day of robotics, coding, and Gaga!
Students at St. Olaf's were able to spend up to an hour with the Judgment Call Team.  During each session, the Robotics Team spent time to engage the students with discussion about how robots work, what coding and hardware is needed for a robot, and what their team does in competition.  Then, St. Olaf students were given hands-on time with the robots, an opportunity to drive them in person to see how they work.
Some students got a little wild with the robot, doing donuts and crashing it into the gym wall!  Luckily, Judge students were cool, calm, and collected.  While fixing their (slightly damaged) robot, the Judge students took time out to explain how they were making repairs and what the accident might have cost them, had it happened during competition.  
The Judge team also engaged with the younger students on a personal level.  One St. Olaf alum (Ashtyn Mudge) came back as a part of the Judgment Call team; everyone is so proud of what she has already done in her Freshman year at Judge!  The Judge students also joined the St. Olaf students for recess; the younger kids taught the older ones how to play GaGa Ball, which was a big hit with all! 
And Grace, the Judgment Call Team Captain, shared a special moment with third grader, Olivia Pienezza, who drew her a picture during recess.  Grace said, "I've never liked kids very much, and it wasn't until I joined the Robotics team that I even realized I could talk to kids and engage with them.  But this (picture) brings it to a whole new level.  I've never had anyone draw me a picture before! I'm going to hang it up on my bedroom wall."
Thank you Judge for sending your Judgment Call Robotics team to St. Olaf Catholic School!  They inspired our students' minds, sparked our students' creativity, and left a visible marks on our hearts!  We love you and look forward to strengthening our relationship through God... and robotics!
Who ya gonna call?  Judgment Call!