The New FACTS is Coming

Valued Partner,

We’ve been preparing to unify the two companies for more than a year, and the time is almost here. On October 12, we’ll launch our new website at This is a Friday, and the launch will happen after school hours to minimize any disruption. We don’t anticipate any downtime in access to the system during the launch, but you can rest assured we’ll resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Once the website is live, we’ll send you an email notification. At that time, you’ll need to visit to access your accounts, including the school information system and all of our financial products. If you have login pages bookmarked, they’ll redirect you to the new login page initially, but you should update those bookmarks as soon as possible.

Some things will remain the same for a time. For instance, you’ll still see the RenWeb name used in some places, but it will be phased out completely by the end of next year. Many of our products will look the same after October. But we will make changes to our products over time, and we'll continue to communicate with you about specific product updates.

Resources for Families

To help with communicating changes to your families, we’ve created a library of helpful resources to provide them with information. You'll see the details on the upcoming changes, as well as why we’ve made them and when they’ll take effect. This includes a PDF with family FAQ’s, a form letter you can send to parents, and a black and white version of the PDF’s. You can find these resources at

We’ll continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks, and we appreciate your continued trust and partnership.


DeeAnn Wenger