Where in the World Are Our Gingerbread People?

Mrs. Morrison has been doing a project in her class for years.  During the holidays, her first graders create and decorate little gingerbread boys and girls.  Suprisingly, every single year those gingerbread children run off in the middle of the night to have adventures around the world!
Luckily, family and friends have been sending in letters, postcards, and emails tracking the gingerbread children's movements.  They've been spotted in England, Wisonsin, and the Panama Cannal, getting into mischief and taunting would be captors with, "You can't catch me; I'm the gingerbread man!". To see all of the places the gingerbread children have visited (and to hear all about their shenanigans) check out the hallway outside Mrs. Morrison's classroom, where she posts all gingerbread related mail.
Have you seen the our gingerbread boys and girls?  Wonderful!  Please document when and where you saw them (and what they were doing!) in a letter, email, or postcard and drop it off at the front office!