VR Blastoff!

"You guys are at the most exciting time right now, and you're going to be the ones to create this amazing new world!". Ryan Buchanan, CEO of Vreedom Ventures, a tech startup focusing on Virtual Reality and Education, stopped by St. Olaf Catholic School this week.  In a 1.5 hour program, Ryan explained what VR is, what the possibilities of this technology are, and why our students will be the future in virtual creation.
Virtual Reality is a technology that is quickly gaining traction across a variety in mediums.  In entertainment, business, real estate, and travel, VR experiences are becoming normalized.  However, it's the educational possibilities with VR that really excited Ryan.  "School is really boring, right?  But in a few years you guys will be using VR to explore geography first hand or train for a job without ever leaving the classroom," Ryan told the students.  For him, it's important to emphasize the importance of creation over consumption.  Ryan explained to the students that he forsees them becoming "prosumers," both producers and consumers of world-changing VR content.
The students at St. Olaf's were able to experience this program as a kick-off to their VR Technology Unit.  In Technology class, students will start exploring the effects of VR and soon they will begin building their own virtual worlds.  Ryan will also visit the school again, to help guide and instruct on coding in VR creation.