About Ms. Cowan


In this classroom, students will seek to be lifelong learners, who persist in their work and strive to be kind, caring children of God. Students will think critically and problem solve when they struggle in their work. We will be kind to everyone and be an example for others. In everything we do, we will follow God and live by his teachings.


Tell us about yourself:
My name is Kelli-Ann Cowan. I was born and raised in Torrance, California. I moved to Utah to attend school at the University of Utah. For Student Teaching, I was placed in a 3rd-grade class at Wasatch Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah. In May 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education along with an ESL Endorsement. I am always looking for ways to grow in my practice, because of this I earned a Math and Technology Endorsement. I have taught 3rd grade for 3 years and 4th grade for 1 year at HighMark Charter school. This is my 5th year at Saint Olaf. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I want to share my love of learning with my students.

I am here to help my students learn to the best of their ability and enjoy their time in school. I will use various interesting methods for learning. To support a positive and safe environment to learn in, I will have my students participate in team-building activities, small group work, think pair shares, and partner work. I believe we learn from one another, thus there will be numerous opportunities for hands-on activities and social interaction. Our classroom will be a positive environment. In other words, there will be no put-downs and we will focus on what we did well and what can be improved upon. My expectations for my students are to have a positive attitude towards themselves, other students and the school community. I want all my students to be respectful and responsible.

If you could have lunch with 1 person dead or alive, who would that be and why?
If I could have lunch with 1 person it would be my grandma because she was always so supportive and would love to know about my teaching career. I miss being able to hang out with her during the summers and getting to eat at different restaurants.
What is something on your Bucket List?
On my bucket list is to travel around the world and be able to experience a variety of cultures. While exploring these cultures, I want to try different foods and learn how to make them.
What book have you read that changed you and why?
The book that has changed my teaching and my life is the book, The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. The book has changed the way that I teach reading because I allow my students to explore new genres. I want my students to leave my classroom being lifelong readers.
What is your favorite thing about teaching or working with young people?
My favorite thing about teaching is sharing my love of learning with my students and making it engaging.
How would a friend describe you in three words?
A friend would describe me as kind, organized, and a bookworm.
If you had to compare yourself to one fictional character, who would it be?
I would compare myself to Annabeth Chase from the The Lightning Thief book because she is sarcastic, kind and willing to do anything for her friends.
What is the best BAD decision you ever made?
The best bad decision was pursuing a Master’s Degree because it was time consuming, but allowed me to grow in my profession.
When are you most yourself?
I love being around my students and I get so much energy from being with them. I enjoy sharing new things with them and seeing the joy it brings them.
What could you spend all day talking about?
I could spend all day talking about books, I love reading fantasy and science fiction books.
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I love to read in my spare time because I am able to then share these books with my students. I want to share my love of reading with my students and provide them with opportunities to explore new genres.



  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Masters Degree in Education


  • Elementary Education Grade 1-6


  • Math Endorsement
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Endorsement
  • Google Certified Level 1
  • Apple Teacher


  • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Certification
  • Google Certified Level 1
  • Apple Teacher