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About Me

Hello! I am Ms. Andrea Grafton. I am originally from Fargo, ND. I went to Catholic school K-12 grade, so Catholic education has always been important to me. I graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education. 
I moved to Utah in 2007, and after teaching in public schools for 3 years, I found my home at St. Olaf's. This is my 9th year as the Kindergarten teacher. 
I have a younger sister, 2 adorable nieces and 1 adorable nephew. I have 2 cats, and an amazing husband. I have always loved working with children and I am so happy that I get to do what I love every day. 
Kindergarten is the time and place to learn important attitudes about life and learning. In class we will experience the joy of learning as we think, cooperate, socialize, experiment, create, build, sing, work and play.


Recent Posts


Tomorrow (Dec 7th) is an early out day. School is dismissed at 12:30. There will still be EDP. 
If your child has passed off any of their little white books, PLEASE make sure that you have turned the old ones in!


We finally had our first snowfall that stuck! Children will be going outside for recess, however, they will only be allowed to play in the snow if they have snow clothes (snow pants, boots, coat, and gloves/mittens). If they do not have these things, they will still go outside for recess, but they will need to remain on the blacktop. Students may wear their snow boots to school, but will need to bring other shoes to change into. Once again, students need to bring coats/jackets to go outside. Not sweatshirts.

Thanksgiving Feast

The Thanksgiving Feast is on Tuesday. Kindergarten and any older siblings will all go up to the Luncheon together at 12:15. Parents please meet us up at the McNamara Center (gym). Due to the holidays, traveling and relatives being in town, parents are able to take their child home after the Thanksgiving Feast. Please let me know before you leave, as I will need to mark them as leaving (not as an absence, just to make sure we know where children are at all times. Children who leave will not be marked as being absent). There will still be normal dismissal and EDP for those who are unable to take their children with them after the feast.

Hall of Heros

Hello! We are going to be doing a hall of hero's at school. If you or anyone else  in your family has served in the military. Please bring in pictures of them to hang in the hall. They can be original photos, scanned images, photocopies, or you can email them to me and we will print them off here at school. IT would be great if there was information about the photo, but it is not necessary. Just please make sure that the name of the person is included and what they did (army, navy, marines, etc). These will be due by Thursday. Thank you so much for your participation in this!

Free Dress October 18th

It was announced today that tomorrow (August 18th) is a free dress day to celebrate the end of the 1st quarter. This is NOT a casual for a cause, so students DO NOT need to pay to wear free dress. 


Hello! If you send your child with any type of food that requires a spoon or fork, please make sure you include a spoon/fork in their lunch box. We had extras for people who forgot, but with the amount of students that do not bring them we are completely out!